Steve Otis now represented by DARK ART MOVEMENT based in UK

We are please to announce that Steve Otis is now represented (and official member) of the DARK ART MOVEMENT based in the UK.

Take a look at Steve’s Dark Art Movement’s profil

Info about DARK ART MOVEMENT : Macabre Gallery has gone a step further and has become the official association of the dark art movement. An international nonprofit membership organization created to promote the dark art in all its variants, and to support the worldwide community of artists who work in this artistic genre. Their mission is to consolidate Dark Art as an recognized art movement.

They represent renowned artists having in common their high quality, artistic skills, professionalism and style. They provide high quality to their art collectors, investors and art lovers.


We are happy to announce that in 2019 Productions Maeve-Steve Otis will support the ACSA (Adoption Chats Sans Abris).

We have always had the well being of animals in our hearts and after adopting a little pregnant homeless cat (and her 4 little kittens after their birth) in January 2018, we decided to follow this alley in 2019 by supporting other little cats looking for a loving home, good care and finding the perfect human family.

Otis artwork defaced during exhibition

At Steve Otis’s last exhibition in a local venue in Quebec city , one of his pieces was vandalized by a customer as she felt it was “to aggressive” and felt “harassed and haunted ” by the subject  of Steve’s painting.
Here is the painting “ALL MY LOVERS, DREAMS AND DESIRES”
The suspect, a young woman in her early twenties defaced Steve’s artwork by repeatedly piercing the stretched canvas with a set of keys more directly on the masculine organ featured in the piece.
Luckily some vigilant staff members were at the scene and quickly subdued the perpetrator and contacted the local police.
Presently charges are pending against this person and we are awaiting a positive identification before we take legal action against her.
Art can sometimes push the boundaries and explore dark places. In those cases we can say that the piece has made it’s point and served it’s purpose, However ,to destroy a piece willingly is beyond comprehension.
We will keep you posted on further developments as the case progresses.