Steve’s started to draw at a very early age. Fueled by images of DC and Marvel comics. He soon discovered the great Warren magazines (Creepy and Eerie in the early 70’s). From there he began to delve more deeply into horror, gothic and sci fi type art. Heavily influenced by Frazetta, Boris and Richard Corben, he began experimenting in oil paints in 1988.

His first desire was to become a fantasy illustrator and did quite a bit of work in that style in the late 90’s for CCG (collectible card games). By the early 2000’s, he gave up on oil painting as it was way too time consuming and started using exclusively acrylics. He began to look for techniques to challenge his artistic style in a more “Fine Art” vein while keeping a firm thematic of dark art. He had grown tired of the generic sword and sorcery genre. He began working with more textures, abstract approaches and have been working in this vein ever since.

Steve has been evolving in the world of art for the last 30 years. Graduate of the Laval University of Quebec with a major in Art Teaching. He taught art in high school for 10 years before concentrating on painting. He has produced quality work as a comic artist, illustrator, sculptor. Active as an artist since 1990 Steve began focusing his efforts in the world in fine (dark) art in 2005. Since then he has participated in many solo exhibitions and collective art shows in Quebec, Montreal, Italy and various states in the USA.

His artwork is all over the globe with clients in America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

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