Good Words

“Steve Otis brings a depth, emotion, and majesty to his illustration of even everyday things. He makes the painting of a simple drum into an epic.”

Kevin James Anderson, science fiction author

“I first met Steve when he kindly accepted to give a conference on his art at St.Lawrence College. He proved to be a wonderful speaker who made the subject matter accessible to his audience. Then, in the evening, he made his words come to life with a live painting he produced during a music show. That was epic. Of course, I was then curious to discover his creations, and lo and behold! He had a painting inspired by Edgar Allan Poe! I absolutely had to get it for my office. But then again, there was more room on my wall. This is when I threw a crazy challenge at Steve. I gave him a title and commissioned another painting to accompany the one I had first purchased, a challenge about which he was immediately enthusiastic. Now I have two amazing paintings inspired by Poe on my wall, and the coolest office at St. Lawrence. Steve, expect more invitations in the near future, for besides being a great artist, you are one heck of a great guy!”

Patrick Savard, teacher in Arts and Letters, and Gothic Literature

“From Frankenstein’s monster as abandoned child to a weathered elephant gazing from the canvas through weary eyes to Mississippi John Hurt wailing the blues, Steve Otis does it all with passion and power.”

Lorne Coughlin, english litterature teacher

“Steve Otis” art is drawn from a primal energy that explodes across the canvas. It is demanding, unrelenting and powerful in its raw, naked beauty.”

Ron Fortier, managing editor at Airship 27, contributing writer at Charlton Neo Comics and contributing author at Twilight Star Productions

“Death Dealer standing front on to us face-on because Steve Otis has totally captured the very essence of Death Dealers dark menace which Frank was so great at..i think Frazetta would also have got a kick out of this Otis piece.”

Simon Bisley, comics & fantasy art painter and illustrator

“The painting here is a homage to two Frazetta pieces, the black and white shown above and the marble column in Egyptian Princess. And while this painting is derivative of Frazetta (who everyone agrees was the master), most of Otis’s other paintings are original ideas, even if sometimes based on characters like Death Dealer which Frazetta created. You can’t get away from it…Frank Frazetta was THE MAN, and so many artists copy his style—and I think Steve Otis does it better than 90% of the others. Just my opinion.”

Russ Cochran, Editor at EC Comics & Disney comics

Un artiste qui n’illustre pas ses idées mais qui les réalise. Steve Otis réussi à nous émerveiller, nous faire voyager, et nous surprendre avec une palette d’œuvres de grande qualité. De plus, l’humilité de l’artiste et aussi impressionnante que son talent. Merci pour les sensations que cela provoque à nos yeux. Bravo ! “Les toiles sont les pages des journaux intimes des peintres.” Zao Wou Ki.

Maurice Louispainter

“J’adore l’art de Steve Otis. Un artiste dont les oeuvres sont à la fois fortes et dérangeantes, une technique maitrisée à fond et un rendu qui suscite un questionnement bien au delà d’une simple image! Wow!

Patricia Klimov , painter

“Il est un de ces artistes motivants qui nous inspire et qui nous donne envie de visiter son univers. Son travail est complètement disjoncté et très beau à la fois. Sans nul doute, un technicien des ambiances. J’adore le travail de Otis dans toute sa splendeur !!!”

George Adrien Dehomapainter

“Les toiles de Steve ressemblent à Steve, authentiques, intemporelles, fascinantes… J’aime beaucoup le travail de Steve, sombre… Lumineux… Fantastique… Noir… Coloré… Puissant… Fragile… Tout en même temps.”

Lo Torregrossapainter

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