Artist Statement

The Art of Steve Otis is a world of colors, rogue forms and restless conflict between realism and pure abstraction. Using the human body as his main subject. His inspirations are surreal, intense, bold and wrestle with the viewer to break out from the pictorial boundaries of the canvas. His art wishes to bring the spectator into a world where the eye is drawn at first towards the realist rendering, then slowly drawn to his abstract use of raw intense colors. Not afraid to trick the eye into believing that a simple splash of paint can be suddenly transformed into a sinewy human body. His artistic vision is to continually break down the barriers of realism and abstraction to unite then in a powerful symbiotic image where both styles are intertwined in a glorious visual symphony.

His driving force is intensity, emotional tension, human form, light versus dark. These are always the main themes in all of his works. He loves to contrast colors and compositions to go from abstract to realist often in the same piece. Since he works for his own vision, he can have all the freedom needed to experiment and challenge himself constantly. He hates using the same technique too long and needs to re invents himself constantly and to discover new images and realms in my more dark and fine art production.

His work tends to fall in the imaginative realism and dark art world. He likes to produce work that is high in symbolism and that permits people to dive into the painting and to create their own interpretation. If it offends you, makes you wonder, makes you happy, sad or anything else then he achieved his artistic goal. The world of dark art permits such excursions, there are no limits. Why not try to make the ugly attractive? Why not break out of the conventional composition of standard art? In the end, he produces work that he feels will reach out and grab the viewers and lead them into a new world full of awe, wonder and sometimes fear.

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