Who owns an OTIS?

On this page you’ll see some renowned owners of OTIS’ paintings !

The Dream Within a Dream, owned by Steve Hackett (Renowned as an immensely talented and innovative rock musician. He was lead guitarist with Genesis)

The Dream within a Dream copie

Savannah, owned by Robert Lepage (Canadian world renowned playwright, actor, film director, and stage director)


Yag-Kosha, owned by Lisa Simone (Jazz singer, composer, actress and daughter of Nina Simone)

Bruno Pelletier (Canadian singer also known for his main characters in the musicals Starmania and Notre-Dame de Paris) is a real OTIS fan as he owns 5 of his pieces (Untamed Borders, Le Grand Roi, Beyond Borders, Gaïa and Le Reflet de Gaïa)

Untamed borders_dl_WM

Labyrinth, owned by Michel Cusson (Canadian musician, film score composer and was lead guitarist with UZEB)


Hemispheres, owned by Fred Pellerin (Canadian musician and storyteller) 

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