It is now the time to show you the pieces of two fellow artist who battle over the NUDE ART theme taking place in December as they were creating each their piece that we are please to present you today !

SPELLBOUND by Steve Otis (acrylics 16X16)


THEM by Gerardo Labarca (mixed media 48X60)


Voici venu le temps de vous dévoiler les oeuvres de Steve Otis et François Jackson, s’affrontant dans ce ART BATTLE du mois d’octobre art animalier dont le sujet était : Les échos de la forêt silencieuse

THIS IS MY HOME NOT YOURS de Steve Otis (acryliques 14X18)

“Pour quelle raison dois-je me camoufler ainsi? Ceci est ma forêt, mon royaume.”

ENTRE DEUX HURLEMENTS par François Jackson (huiles 16X20)

“Le silence dans la forêt n’est pas éternel, il n’en tient qu’à eux de le briser.”

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ART BATTLE August 2019: Dark Art

It is now the time to show your the pieces of two fellow artist who battle over the DARK ART theme during the month of August as they were creating each a piece under the subject : HUNGER !

FEED THE FEEDERS by Steve Otis (acrylics 14X18)

« We are born to feed, we feed from the earth and to the earth we return. Our lives a cycle of hunger to stay alive. Our lives ruled by morals and religious beliefs that are fed to us and that we then regurgitate to our brood. We are the worms, we are death, we are what we love and hate the most ».


HUNGER by Carl Ingram (oils over fluid acrylic pour 12X16)

“I ended up approaching the theme from the perspective of an eating disorder. My partner has struggled with one for the entire time I’ve known her. She’ll be starving but say “I can’t eat anything, everything is gross”. So that was the inspiration. The apple plays with the idea of original sin (reinforcing the idea that eating is a negative thing) and in a vague way touches on “selfie culture” and social media (Apple the company as a symbol for phones). The tape measure noose is hopefully self explanatory…”

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