AURA and a few of Steve’s other Sci-fi pieces

Among the different themes and artistic styles Steve’s been playing with in the last thirty years, Sci-fi has it’s place !

Here’s AURA and a few other pieces he created so far 🙂

Cycle of Life

“For they know not what they ‘ve done”

Thank God for the Bomb

“I find your lack of faith disturbing”


To see all of his available pieces, visit our Online Shop and look under the SCI-FI section !

Steve’s work chosen for the 10th edition of DAMNED in Detroit !

We are very proud to announce that Steve will be among the dark artists featured at DAMNED 10th annual exhibition of art, performance and masquarade !

Event will take place in Detroit on October 26 through 28, 2017 !

We will eventually present you Steve’s 2 pieces chosen for the occasion. For more info about this extravagant event week-end take a look at their website and social medias.


A few days ago we’ve announced that Steve’s had to create his own Kings of Cups for a very cool Dark Art project were 78 artists had each a Tarot card to illustrate !

Here’s what Steve Otis came up with this time 🙂 Hope you guys like it ! And if you’d like to see this Dark Art Tarot Project come to life, you can contribute and reserve your own card deck to the following link : The Dark Art Tarot Project


Steve’s artwork featured on new album from brazilian metal band Misconducters !

Last February, we announced that Misconducters wanted Steve’s artwork for their next album !

We are very please to present you the cover of their next album titled PARIAH


The band have chosen Steve’s Mountain Giant artwork to represent their next project and we are very proud of this collaboration.

As a teaser, here’s the Track List revealed so far : 01. Skyline 02. Top Of The Chain 03. Battlefield 04. Pariah 05. Born Down South 06. Vermifuge II 07. Pace Of Life 08. See Beyond

To read and hear more about Misconducters, visit their website and Facebook page !