Otis artwork defaced during exhibition

At Steve Otis’s last exhibition in a local venue in Quebec city , one of his pieces was vandalized by a customer as she felt it was “to aggressive” and felt “harassed and haunted ” by the subject  of Steve’s painting.
Here is the painting “ALL MY LOVERS, DREAMS AND DESIRES”
The suspect, a young woman in her early twenties defaced Steve’s artwork by repeatedly piercing the stretched canvas with a set of keys more directly on the masculine organ featured in the piece.
Luckily some vigilant staff members were at the scene and quickly subdued the perpetrator and contacted the local police.
Presently charges are pending against this person and we are awaiting a positive identification before we take legal action against her.
Art can sometimes push the boundaries and explore dark places. In those cases we can say that the piece has made it’s point and served it’s purpose, However ,to destroy a piece willingly is beyond comprehension.
We will keep you posted on further developments as the case progresses.

Publications featuring Steve Otis’s artwork !

Book covers, album covers, illustrations for CCG (collectible card games) are all publications that featured Steve’s work since his first experience in 1981 !


  • Album cover « Pariah » for Brazilian band Misconducters


  • Artwork « Father » published in Clive Barker’s Hellraiser : Anthology Vol.1


  • Album cover « Down Below » for Canadian band Southern Cross


  • 30 illustrations for 3 CCG (collectible card games) Lord of The Rings games (The Lidless Eye, The White Hand and the Balrog) published by Iron Crown Enterprises.


  • 7 illustrations for the documentary movie « Île de la Quarantaine » by Michel Audy


  • Cover page illustration for the Solaris Magazine

Solaris Cover


  • Cover page and illustrations for the book « The Voyage of the Naparima » published by Carraig Books