“Behowls the Moon” cover art by Steve Otis

Airship 27 Productions is presenting “Behowls the Moon,” a new historical horror thriller by writer Philip McCormac.

It is 1916 and the winds of rebellion are rising in Ireland as Easter Sunday nears. Sick of British rule, Irish freedom fighters to strike while England is supposedly pre-occupied with the war in France. Meanwhile in the village of Carrybeg, young Rauri Mac Cathail operates a small creamery with his Uncle Ivor, a decorated veteran of the Boer campaigns in Africa.

Weeks before Easter, Rauri is attacked by a gang of local thugs jealous of his romantic interest with the lovely Aishling O’Hagan and they beat him severely. Left to die in a ditch, Rauri is found by the hunchback orphan, Damian Hughes, and brought to Ina Riley, an old woman with healing skills. What people do not know is that both Ian and Aishling are werewolves and the only way they can save Rauir is to make him a changeling as well.

Says Airship 27 Productions’ Managing Editor Ron Fortier, “Mixing wild horror fantasy with factual historic events, writer Philip McCormac weaves a tale of drama and passion that is pure pulp magic. This is easily one of the most original manuscripts to ever cross my desk and we think our readers are going to love it.” Award winning Art Director Rob Davis provides the black and white interior illustrations and the amazing Steve Otis the painted cover.

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