What’s Live Painting all about ?

What exactly is Live painting ? It’s a form of visual performance of art in which artists complete a visual art piece in a public performance. Often seen in public events, bars, music concerts, etc. The artwork is created live and may be planned or improvisational. The live art form is often contrasted with more studied fine art compostions because of the time frame the artist has to create, usually a few hours.


Not all artists are comfortable with Live painting. Many do no like to be observed while working and the time limit to created might be a element of stress for many creators. One thing is sure, it is not a problem for Steve Otis who enjoys Live painting and did a great amount of pieces in front of public in the last few years.

The events he participates to are often over a few days so it allows Steve to make at least a painting a day.

Here’s some pieces he did Live in the last few years :

Steve Live Painting-WM